UFC's blatant disrespect toward Oliveria is gross! UFC should be ashamed!

Reputable news outlet, mmamania reported that If Volkanowski wins, it will be Oliveira vs Volk for the LW strap.

My guess is if Volk loses they’ll do Oliveira vs Islam.

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That’s right, zero chance Oliveria would accept due to the money aspect.

Also Islam is from Europe. The UAE is in Asia, not exactly home turf…

You’re sounded more deluded than the dumb fuck you admire so much :rofl:

Russia is part of Asia and Europe.

I do t think the Dags consider themselves European…

I don’t anyway



lol Right

They’re reporting that Volk hopes to have the chance to fight Oliveira, which essentially doesn’t mean shit.

The respect and disrespect from the UFC comes with your popularity and your ability to draw, not your fighting ability. And in that, there is little bias and more just accounting matters.