UFC's online mma archive?

Will I be able to watch some of the old Lumax cup events, old school Russian NHB with Igor Vovchanchin, Brazilian Vale Tudo events, old Pancrase events, Japanese Pride broadcasts, etc on ufc fight pass if I purchase it?

Fight Pass has PRIDE & Pancrase for sure.

I have never seen the full list of 30 promotions.

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Do they have the JPN ppvs of Pride? If I can’t watch a Japanese rap group covering RUN DMC’s “walk this way” on Pride 10 I will be disappoint.

I only remember watching PRIDE’s with Bas & The Fight Professor.I can’t say for sure about the Japanese commentary.

The US ppv often skipped fighter entrances and in some cases entire fights. Fuck that.

you’ll get most pride stuff minus the k1 co promotions, maybe pancrase, no Russian nhb or vale tudo. ufc doesn’t own those rights.

but there is a bunch of good stuff on there

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I haven’t had it in awhile but from what I recall they had strikeforce, WEC, Elite XC, that WFA card, pride and Bushido. I’m pretty sure they had Pancrase and those old Hawaii Icon cards that Robbie Lawler and Mayhem were on too

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