UFL returns to Indy - October 20th

The United Fight League returns to the 8 Second Saloon in Indianapolis on Friday, October 20th. Big Poppa Schnake will be bringing you all the action, as UFL III features three title bouts. TUF 4 star Chris "Lights Out" Lytle will be in attendance.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu brown belt Joao Herdy takes on Minnesota's Mark Bascovsky, for the UFL 145 lb. title. Bascovsky hopes to improve his record to 9-1 against the 7-1 Herdy.

UFL 170 lb. champion Johnny Rees faces his toughest test to date in Billy Stamp. Rees, undefeated at 9-0, looks to keep that streak alive against Stamp, who's faced tough competition in Jay Estrada, Justin Weiman, and Jason Chambers.

Undefeated UFL 135 lb. champion Elton Chavez, 4-0, also faces the toughest competition of his career in veteran Dan "The Pennsylvania Hitman" Swift. Swift, a veteran of over 50 fights is known for his toughness and durability, and will provide a stiff test to Chavez, whose wins have all come inside the distance.

Heavyweight Aaron Sullivan who formed the world class fight team Integrated Fighting with UFC veteran Jason Godsey, looks to improve his record to 7-1 against Ohio veteran Tim Brown.

170 lb. prospect Shamar Bailey faces a tough test in Louisville MMA's Courtney Ray.

Jason Hall from Cincinnati, Ohio takes on 8-3 UFL veteran Rod "The Mexecutioner" Montoya.

Ohio slugger Anthony Ferguson takes on pro boxer Brian Veach in a battle of heavyweight bombers.

Undefeated 145 lb. UFL contender Paul Adams takes on Louisville's Chris Griffin. Griffin coming of a loss against Elton Chavez for the 135 lb. title, moves up in weight, in hopes of a future title shot at 145.

Also featuring: Troy "Cheeseburger" King, John Troyer, Joe Stern, and Orville Smith.

Visit www.unitedfightleague.com for more information.

need any holes filled yet? would love to put some Damage guys on! best of luck to Stamp, Bascovey Swift, Ferguson, and Brown.


Camp, you've got a sense of humor that I get.

I was hoping;)



ttt for UFL

TTT for hole filling.


Back to the top!!!


ttt for Indiana MMA


lol that was pretty funny Mike...

Who is Aaron Sullivan? I know just about all the old school IF guys and have never heard of him.

Never heard of Sullivan? WOW  He's one of the original founders of IF. Use to have the shootfighing school in Greenwood. Competed in the IVC against Cyborg.

Still surprising you've never heard of Sully, but know the old IF