UFMMA in Kentucky ?

Who knows anything about this place? How far is it from Somerset, KY?



Sorry, I don't know anything about the UFMMA. But do you have any info (website preferably) for the BJJ school in Somerset? My Dad lives in Somerset. It would be nice to have a place to train when I am down that way.



I went there once. My parents also live in Somerset and I stopped in once to check it out. It was clean but I didnt see them roll. They have an open mat on Saturdays. That's about all I know.


checkout 4 seasons in lexington best bjj school in the area.or try champions in london scott hope is an affiliate with mike odonnell who owns 4 seasons.mike is a bb under carlson gracie jr.4smma.com

We have Helio Soneca here in Louisville, KY at Core Training Center.

Thanks for the info guys. But I live in St. Louis and only make it to Somerset a couple times a year. Louisville and Lexington are a little too far away for me to try.