UFN 47 AND Showtime Boxing Bet thread...

No one has started one yet, so I'll kick it off. I have Porter in boxing tonight. Willing to pay 1.5x to whoever takes Brook. Also on UFN 47 I have Bader. Willing to pay 1.5x to whoever takes OSP. Both fights have live dogs that can very well pull off the upset. If you think about it, all you would have to do is win one to come out with a profit. If I lose one of two, I take a loss. Rolling with favorites tonight. $25 each. That means my $37.50 to your $25 on each one. Any takers? Bet must be paid within 24 hrs of the result. Feel free to get your side bets going in here too. I'm limiting my action to these 2 bets tonight. Will add more if I see something else I like. Phone Post 3.0

The undercard for the boxing is on right now.... Showtime Extreme. Wilder is fighting.

Comcast on the Westcoast. No fights on yet. This sucks. Phone Post 3.0

After 31 wins all bk KO it seems they could give Wilder a little better competition. Gavern hardly showed up. Phone Post 3.0