UG Forum Lingo


This is my 1000th post.

I noticed there are a few things I still don't know the meaning of or don't understand. I thought maybe my 1000th post would be a good place to ask the community a few questions about the UG.

1-  What the hell is TTT and what does it mean?

2-  Why do some people watermark their posts with little grey apples?

3- What is the voting system for other than freezing out assholes?


There are a bunch of other abreviations I have seen around that I could'nt figure out but I have not been writting them down. I thought maybe we could list them here. English is not my first language which is probably the reason I don't get some of these abreviations.


Thanks in advance for the help everyone! 

TT mfT Phone Post

TTT stands for TTT

Letibleu's good people.  No troll responses below:


  1. TTT = To The Top.  When you post in a thread you bump it up and this is a simple way to do so.
  2. Little grey apples or fire hydrants means you're posting from your iPHONE (apple) or Android phone (fire hydrant).
  3. The voting system is indeed for freezing assholes.  The place was getting pretty bad and they had to something about all the fuckheads.  It's not perfect and whining about your vote count is just stupid.
Hope that helps mon vieux.  Bonne chance.

I wasn't trolling, I really didnt know about this stuff.

I was stumped by TTT. I knew I would get laughed at for asking, but it had to be asked.

I can't believe I didnt figure out the iphone/android thing. 


I used to come here years ago but found it too retarded. There are still retards here today, but on a tolerable dosage. There are lots of smart ideas and discussions here being passed around constantly which makes it dynamic and fun. Ok, enough of this, I didnt drink so I can't get into the 'I love you man' crap. Leave that for another time.


Thanks for the help!!