UG Grand Prix Sponsor Thread!!!

Fledgling Lighting company here, woot woot!

I honestly don't have much to offer as a broke student, but if anyone thinks of the smallest way i can help, i'm ready and willing...

I just really enjoy the idea of breaking the ice with a casual, friendly environment until we get in the ring, and the fact that every mistake i make will be harped upon by forum members is kind of a positive, too :P

I'm really enjoying the banter on this thread, but TTT for the companies and individuals who have offered goods and services to our little "event".

It would be helpful for you all to post here. Thanks! And think about it, it's just one more time that your name gets dropped for FREE!

I'm in Ohio, so where are these jackasses you speak of?


I'm willing to bring my 27-foot Buckeye Bus down for some pre-fight tailgating festivities.

I'll supply food and beverages for fellow UGers and fighters.

Law dog is the fuggin man!


True dat.

Fledling clothing company here. Nice job on the thread consolidation, Can.

Offered elsewhere...reiterated here. Discounted shorts/rashguards/t-shirts for UG GP'ers. E-mail to

I see this as an opportunity to build some brand recognition for my company and to help out some fellow MMA fans in the process. Any pros that need some help, feel free to drop me an e-mail as well. We're looking to build long-term relationships as our company (and marketing budget) grow.

Oh yeah...lawdog. Hook 'Em!

HELL YEAH!!!! Law Dog in the the house!

pummelgear...thanks again. I think you're making a smart move. We pay your cost or a little above so you're not putting out any money. We promote your company all over the UG and elsewhere. I was already talking about you at my school tonight. I have three guys in my school fighting next week. The opportunities are endless for very little or nothing out of pocket. Genius!

Good call on the thread Can.

Hopefully Icedog posts soon with his offer of free mouthguards for the contestants with the stipulation that if you don't fight you pay for the mouthguard.


Lawdog with the tailgate party. :)

I'm down.

I'll cover all the typical tailgate food...brats, burgers, chips, beverages, etc.

I'll just need to know the exact location of the venue so I can check into the issues of parking the Buckeye Bus and setting up the tailgate.

This should be a good time.

It's going to be a helluva good time!

TTT for all of the others who've offered goods and services.

  • Announcers
  • Cornermen
  • Mouthguards
  • Video Production
  • etc.

The ICE is at the Metropolis nightclub at Cincinnati Mills Mall.