UG knows nothing about fighting

and a lot of you need to stop acting like you know something. Cung Le destroyed Shamrock tonight. This man is the real deal.

real deal in stand up fighting for sure.

lol @ that fight

Based on how both guys looked, Lawler would kill them both -- too bad he's EliteXC and they're Strikeforce. Hell, I think Cyborg would smash Cung.

"Elite kickboxer" Cung was rocked several times and in trouble from a submission fighter who looked like he was punching in slow motion, ducking his head and throwing the same telegraphed right over and over.

I hope you're including yourself in your statement HokutoShinken

Cung Le could beat Anderson Silva!


^^ If you dont think there are any good mma matches that have come out of the UFC recently, you are just as useless as the people that think anything non-Ufc isnt any good.

Dont show your ignorance by acting like one of them.