UG/OG donation to film MMA Prono, enter to win.

Alright men and woman, it's time to shake things up a bit on the OG/UG. With all the War Machine threads about his girlfriend and twitter and what not, I've decided...Wouldn't it be awesome if the OG/UG Produced a porno....

So, step right in and make it happen. This can be epic, but it'll only be what you guys make of it.

We need script ideas, so give them up.

Certain amounts of donations will unlock certain things. Any donation will get your name in the credits, high donations will get you a special request and we will try and work it in.

This is mixing the two best things about the OG/UG. Porn and humor, the film will be filled with OG/UG'isms and Easter egg. Link to donate, someone please embed.

Link to original thread, will post funny script ideas.

"If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much" Will be helping us out as well as a few others.

Affliction Blackbelt - Scene #1

Its her first BJJ class, she shows up in the skankiest GI you've ever seen. Its just her and the instructor, all alone. They start to run through a few drills and the instructor shows her a few basic subs and throws her into his guard. Slowly but surely her GI becomes looser and looser and the touching gets more intimate. As she gets pinned in a triangle she notices an inhuman bulge swelling in her instructors crotch region, to which she begins to caress it forcing a release from the choke.

Off flies the GI's, BJJ class has just turned into BJ class. Immediately jumping into a north-south mount (69'er) she goes balls deep on her instructors wang. They stay 69'ing for a while before Christy swivels for a mounted cowgirl and a sensual can opener with cum whore kissing.

Shit is getting heavy now, a producer has to step in wipe the steam off the camera lens.

But they continue to go at it. Lazy doggie with underhooks, caterpillar with a gable grip, gogoplata head job, half-guard missionary, standing 69 with a tombstone piledriver finisher etc...

Until eventually the instructor launches a violent load of beer batter cum all over her sloot face. And as the testicular phlegm drips down her cheeks she looks up at the camera and whispers

"I wild each it lol that meets their naked"

You must watch a lot of porn.

This idea is getting in the nominations. Phone Post 3.0

Affliction Blackbelt - No, no. Just a fan of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in all its shapes and forms. Including the non-traditional no-gi naked form with happy endings.
You're smooth with the words, I like your style. Phone Post 3.0