I think that Liv posted a thread for the show but didn't say the ontario showtimes.
the show will be on Bell Expressvu this saturday @ 8:00 and repeat all night. Because it is from the Belle Provance it is in french and will be on the french Vu (PPV) which is channel #152.
Check out the preview on channel #150 which runs about every 5 min.
Great Job Ali and Liv it looks very proffesional.
All the best to you guys.
Makes me want to step in the ring again!
But we'll see after I see the tape.
Cheers Craig (FARMER) Brown

TTT for the Farmer


TTT for Wade and the Ronin Boys/Girls(sorry D.)

So far so good...

Tune in to see Ivan Menjivar fight in the finals. The first chance to
see Ivan in a while.

Also loved your fight Farmer Brown. Great heart!

They also show the final matches of UGC IV and offers the chance
to see many up and coming fighters from Quebec and Ontario.

In Quebec, watch it on canal Indigo. The Event played many times
tonight (Saturday) but can also be seen tomorrow Sunday (many

Thanks scott how does my future look?
the show was great! good job guys!

Craig ma man. Now that I have wiped up all my tears of exclusion, what say we turn the discussion to you putting away the ole pitchfork and defending your perfect record. (tee hee).
Wish I could have seen the last one - do they have DVDs or tapes out yet of past events?
C, all my best.
dan in the Stan.
(training here is a b*tch - 6000 ft or so alt.)

Sea Cucumber
I've got the tape waiting for you when you get back!


Your future looks great. I was impressed when I saw it live as well
and was looking forward to seeing you fiight again soon.


Hey Craig,

How come you don't have a green name?

how do you get a green name and what does it mean?

Frankenstein asks a great question.

Green names are for pro fighters, you get one by e-mailing the powers that be (Kirik)..or maybe one of the mods can do it?