UGGP. Can you help with articles/pics for website?

The best thing to do is read the original thread by Supercan and my thread right after to see the whole process and how this event originally came together.  After that two more events happened with other promoters in the mid west and I've seen video of them on youtube before but can't find them now.  I'm sure one of them was with Chupacabra Challenge or something like that.


After those events I put on the Sherdog event which should have been UGGP 4, then UGGP 5 would have been the Bullshido event I put on.  That was the last one until UGGP 6 this year and the Reddit GP.

Obviously you've been on the UGGP 2014 thread where the recent UGGP and Reddit GP videos are if anyone else wanted to see them.