UGGP. Can you help with articles/pics for website?

I have been tinkering on and off on a UGGP website. The guys fighting deserve recognition and a place where the fights are stored, with pics and videos, and perhaps bios for those who want to be listed. There may be a fighters forum if needed too. Of course it'll promote new events whenever they take place, and point fighters/fans/sponsors/etc to the right places. Plenty of things can be done, and suggestions are welcome.

However, I have run into a brick wall trying to put things together in terms of text, history, pictures, videos... you know, the content side of things. Is there anyone out there with content to share and which I can use on the site?

Right now the site looks about like this...

Ill send you a bunch of pics from my fight on the uggp and the reddit gp! Phone Post 3.0

ConcreteCam_PBTT_925 - Ill send you a bunch of pics from my fight on the uggp and the reddit gp! Phone Post 3.0

YES! Email me on calavaro at gmail dot com (remove at and dot and replace with @ and . )


For sure man Phone Post 3.0


Anyone else with any history, stories or pics to share? Phone Post 3.0

Cal is the GOAT marketer in the history of the UG

Nobody else has anything to share?

Oh, comon people. It's for the UGGP after all. Phone Post 3.0


I don't have time to do much right now, but I'll get to it sometime this week. It's gonna have to start with all the past participants helping to build it.

I havent sent you any pics of my fights because i wanted to wait and see if my opponents were okay with it Phone Post 3.0

I'll see if I can direct some former UGGP fighters this way and add some content myself.

Here is where it all started, with Supercans I have a dream to fight, once.... thread.


Then, my follow up Official UG Challenge thread.


Here is the thread for the UG vs Sherdog event.


Here is the UG vs Bullshido event.





UGer David Mortenson vs Sherdogger Zac Faber at the UGGP 3, UG vs Sherdog event.

The first fight from the original UGGP in 2007.  We were picked up by Monte Cox in his Cincinatti based ICE amateur MMA show.



Second fight of the night.

UGer Mike "MooseKnuckle" Gormley facing a local after the infamous "Xeptuck" incident.

The final fight of the first UGGP and main event, Supercan and myself.

I've lost track of many of the videos.  Several fights from the Sherdog and Bullshido events didn't really make video that I'm aware of.  Those were in 2009 and were my first attempts at organizing an event like this.  There were issues with opponents dropping out and several guys ended up having to fight locals due to a rash of injuries and other issues.