Yves Lavigne is on the main event. Shitty. Phone Post 3.0

Surprisingly he did a great job stopping it, esp with a beast like palhares.
I'll just eat crow over Phone Post 3.0

SensoriaUtopia - Wow you must really not like Yves Lavigne, you post like 6 times a year and this was 2 of them lol ;)
Lol what? The dude has nearly 2000 posts and posted 5 times in the 9 minutes between those posts..

Your posts really confuse me Phone Post 3.0

If its any consolation, i didnt vote you down. But using his vote ups as posts? Wtf are you even talking about.

A lot of your posts do deserve vote downs imo, this one didnt, it was just needless and stupid. Phone Post 3.0