Ugly uniforms

A uniform should just be the clothing you wear when you train, and it's usually not a problem for me.

I will confess that one reason (not the only one!) I became a HKD assistant instructor was you got a kick-ass black uniform, which was so ninja, I had to have one. Although, I eventually needed so many patches, stripes, and symbols on it that I eventually thought it was distracting.

After HKD, I started judo where the only ornament was a single patch on the chest. I loved the austerity and simplicity. I bought an Adidas gi once, and got endless shit for the "schmancy" stripes down the sleeves. I stood out like a sore thumb. When a BJJ student came in, his multitude of patches and logos caused much confusion. Was he sponsored like a race car? Did he own stock in those companies? God forbid a student wear a blue gi to class, or Sensei would choke you until you turned the same color.

Why do I tell you this? Because I just started arnis, which is fantastic so far, but I swear, the uniform is hideous. Black with red trim, frog buttons, and these shoulders that stick out.
I put it on at home. My girl took one look at me, "That is so ugly in that particularly Philippino way." (She's 1/2 philippino, BTW, and just got back from there.)
Oh man.
I'm looking at other arnis uniforms, and many have the black with red trim, but no one's got these shoulders.
My coworkers all laughed when I showed them. "You look like a Klingon! Only not scary, just tacky."
Oh man.
The weird shoulder cut makes the sleeves stand out, so I'm catching the sticks on them a lot. I look at myself in the mirror during class (we have to) and I look like a fat Trekkie in a homemade costume.

This won't stop me, but it might keep me from showing folks any photos of me in class or competition, or bringing buddies by my school.

Did anyone else have to overcome an aversion to the style of their uniform? Does anyone dislike their school's uniform?

" got a kick-ass black uniform, which was so ninja, I had to have one. "  

Dude, I so feel you on that, I loved my black gi (we called it a dobalk). Later i learned all that black uniform did was make me sweat even more, but it still looked cool as hell.

I always hated those overly colorful demo team uniforms in TKD. But I never wore though, cuz I wasn't that flashy (or good).

In the combat jiu-jitsu class where I train, only tow people are allowed wear black gis - the chief instructor and me. That black gi is what makes all the long hours of training worthwhile!

I used to train Arnis, but didn't have to wear anything special. I trained with a Filipino family, not a "school".

In 35 years of TMA, which includes judo and JJJ, I have NEVER worn a gi other than white.

That is about to change because I'm going to borrow my son's judo gi, and it is blue.

Nope, the only thing I've had on my uniforms that may be considered loud is the Atama logo on my blue gi top (comp gi, so it has Atama patches on the shoulders in blue and green) and the atama website on the end of the skirt. Otherwise, from kyokushin karate to han mu do to judo/jjj/bjj the uniforms have not been terribly outrageous thankfully. And because of bjj I absolutely REFUSE to add patches to a uniform.

I always hated those overly colorful demo team uniforms in TKD.
Oh man, have you opened a Century Martial Arts catalog recently. Holy cow, they've got some unbelievably loud, garish uniforms in there. You can mix and matches panels of different neon tiger stripe to make your own custom. I guess if you're doing forms competition, some judges like that kind of thing.
We also called ours a dobak, but I never got used to that.

This weekend, I spent some more time researching Arnis, and came across some interesting info about the uniforms/costumes that go with the art. Some of the history helps explain the strangeness, but it doesn't help it look any better on me, personally.

My Arnis experience will forever have a special place in my memories.

The father (master) was a well known headhunter during the WWII. Both of his sons (one my age) were extremely knowledgeable and I learned quite a bit during my training.

Arnis is a good substitute to Kali.

Have you tried trimming down the shoulders?

Have you tried trimming down the shoulders?
With the red trim on them, it'd be a serious effort. I'm hoping one of two things will happen.
Either they soften up and stop sticking straight out.
Or maybe I start blade training and lop them off accidentally during a spin drill or something.

We have to wear these butt-tight training pants in Capoeira. We always train in all-white. The pants totally hug and outline your package. After the first few classes, I got used to wearing the training pants and didn't mind so much when the women started staring. That made it all worthwhile, especially when most of my class was Brazilian.

I have no idea who initially came up with the concept of tight-ass training pants in Brazil. I believe it was one of the early Capoeira groups that had formed in the 1960's.

Steamfitter, how so?
Are they one of the Korean gis with the diagonal criss-cross stiches on them? Shiny satin, maybe?
BTW, I'm getting used to the ugly uniform. It's softened up a bit and looks less silly, but only by a little bit.

that TKD cult with that rainbow gis and headbands

any gi if it is worn out in public or in a
conveinence store

God, I used to be part of a demo team, and we occassionally had to go somewhere public in NYC to do stuff. We'd all be out in a troop with our gis on, riding the subway and whatnot. I was never sure which was worse, standing in a group of people wearing jammies, or standing solo in my jammies.