uki goshi

I have been curiously drawn to this throw ever since I learned it was one of Kano's favorites, and that he had a magnificent uki-goshi. What are your thoughts on it? Have you ever seen it used in randori or competition, and used effectively?

its rarely, if ever, actually done in randori or competitions. this isnt to say you cant do it, just that is tends to be a difficult throw to do. its hard to throw somebody just by flinging them aorund your hips wihtout really lifting them off their feet much.

players today are pretty agile. especially the lightweights.

i think you can see it a lot more often in the heavier categories cause Ogoshi is hard then.

ogoshi and uki goshi are often confused for one another.. very similar.

Do you ever see Ogoshi being pulled off? I think it and the wrestling throw that's similar (what's it called, just a "hip toss?") are pretty hard, but they come off now and then.

I wonder why Kano was so fond of the throw? I think I've actually seen video of him jacking ukes with it.

MF, If you really slam a guy into your hip (there should be no space between you & uke all the way up your entire body)with a great pull (catch him off balance) then uki goshi is a great way to bump him, but you've also got to develop a strong "bump" as you don't have the full depth of the hips.

I once heard Phil "O'Sensei" Porter describe this, and I think he was quoting Kano or paraphrasing him, as pretending you have an ice pick or dagger on your hip and that you're forcefully stabbing uke with it.

I can do it and did do it for kyu tests, but with a compliant uke, of course.

I love Uki Goshi, it is one of the neatest feeling throws to do for me.

Ben R.

Almost sucks to be the uke, tho, don't it, Ben?



POOM! Up and over.'s one of my best throws. It's about the only forward throw I can do with consistency. It usually works well when I can get around somebody's back or a high neck grip. Sometimes I stand with extreme rightey to set up my Morote Gari/Te Garuma and set it up with Koichi or a knee block with Hiza Guruma type pulling action.

I'm a really streaky player though. Sometimes everything works, other times, nothing.

i see it alot in no gi comps, it think you don't see it much in judo cause of throws like the uchimata,harai & other leg throws.

i think in greco roman you're not aloud to youse your legs for tripping, so the hip throw are common for them

"Almost sucks to be the uke, tho, don't it, Ben?


POOM! Up and over."

LOL! Yeah, but I'm willing to trade throws, so it's not so bad.

I can throw some white belts with it in randori, and the occasional brown belt or even a black belt every now and then. Sometimes I'll just do it a lot in randori for the heck of it.

Ben R.