Ukrainians torturing MMA fighter Maxim Ryndovsky

That’s an easy punishment. He should be forced to box Usyk for 20 straight rounds.

The video has been circulating over social media and is disturbing to say the least.

It is rumoured that Ryndovskiy trained at the Chechen club, MMA Akhmat. It was founded in 2014 and named after the first president of the Chechen Republic in Russia, Akmat Kadyrov.

Ryndovskiy was vocal in his opposition to the war in Europe.

Although the Neo-Nazi group is claiming the Ukrainian MMA fighter is dead, there has been no official confirmation. It is known that Ryndovskiy hasn’t posted anything on social media in months.

The good things ten of thousands of these Nazi scum have been killed so far. A few hundred a day are being wiped out. One of the headquarters of a nationalist battalion. They where engaged in child rape and torture. Putin is doing the world a favor.


RIP, fuck the ukraine!

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Just offer every Russian manning a nuke of any kind 100 million dollars each to compromise them and then make the assholes stand own or be obliterated.

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he is alive…he re-appeared but something did happen
you can check his insta

ps fuck the azov scum and those who support them

do you know what’s the situation with Gonzalo Lira now?

not too much,

whats the latest that you know on lira?

That he was out of SBU torture chamber and signed an NDA to not say anything about it

Did you masturbate to that video Touch?

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In Ukraine, a student disappeared who publicly opposed the actions of the Ukrainian military and was expelled from the university. Mash reports.

Elvira Khomenko was a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Belotserkovsky Agrarian University (Kyiv region). The other day, she published a post on social networks in which she called on the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “to lay down their arms and accept the enemy with kindness.” According to the girl, this would be the most reasonable decision now.

According to the telegram channel, Elvira’s classmates told the university management about Elvira’s act. After that, the student was expelled and a statement was written against her to the SBU. Last Sunday, July 17, the girl went to pick up documents and disappeared. Elvira’s mother wrote a statement to the police, but he was treated with a smile and contempt.

Earlier, a former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Ilya Kiva, said that SBU officers tortured and executed three members of the Patriots - For Life movement, which opposes fascism. According to him, the activists were in Kyiv, at the end of February, communication with them was lost, as they were detained by representatives of the SBU. They were tortured and then brutally killed. Kiva promised to apply to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation with a request to investigate the extrajudicial killing of Ukrainian activists.

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