Ultimate After Fight Party?

Hosted by Tito Ortiz.


Kind of strange to host a party for a fight where there is a real possibility of being brutely KO'd. It would be embarrassing to host a party with a concussion. I guess Tito is pretty confident he is going to win, considering he is already throwing a party after the fight and the fight hasn't happened yet.

I wish Tito the best, hope he makes it to his party in one piece. Personally, I like Chuck and Tito a lot, I will be happy with either fighter winning. My personal favorite would have to be Chuck though.

all fighters party after a big fight, win or lose. what's so weird about that? I went partying after getting KO'd cold once. had a headache for 2 weeks afterwards, but still...

Was the headache from the KO or the beer or all of the above?

probably all of the above - a concussion helps, though ;-)

What do they say????- "Win or lose, there's always booze!!!" ;)