Good day all, the next instalment of Ultimate Cage Wars is scheduled for oct 22nd, any teams intrested in being a part of our show plese email me with fighters names and stats, minimum 3 fighters per team please. All weight divisions are welcome.

My email address is krzyssos@hotmail.com

thank you all and see you in october.


ttt for another great show.

What I hope to see

Joe Doerksen vs. Jason Macdonald

Rodrigo Munduruca vs. Esfiha

Jerin Valel vs. Chad Hamzeh

Jesse Bongfeld vs. Curt McKinnon

Bill Boland vs. Joy Milan

Lee Meins vs. Ron Fields

Alex Traeger vs. Chris Fontaine

Justin Tavernini vs. Saul Mitchell

I'd like to see Munduruca vs Krzysztof

Unless he wants a heart attack, I don't think Krys should fight on his own show anymore ...

Talk to you soon Krzys.


speaking of cage wars do you know when the DVD from UCW2 is going to be ready


I'd like to see Grant Tennant vs Jon Henderson.

Saul Mitchell is a big 155er, and Taverninni is a 135er.

Jerin vs Hamzeh has the makings for a good brawl!

I'd like to see my ex-girlfriend fight a hive of fire ants.

DVD will be availabe at the show on oct 22nd, maybe even earlier

What about those of us who want to buy a copy of the dvd and can't get to the show!?

Also krzysztof, please e-mail Kirik and have him change your name to a green name.

once the DVD is ready, you will be able to purches it through the mail from us.

what is Kirik's email address, thank you


I dunno.

I never had to ask for a green name!

Saul Mitchell is not a big 155'er just an evil one. And I heard Tavernini weighed in close to 145.

Mitchell vs Henderson would be good but Mitchell vs Yim would be even better.

Guess he fights big for a 155. Evil I agree!

Still alot bigger than Taverninni who is anywhere from 135-145

Yim VS Mitchell without cheating would be a good fight!

IN terms of what I'd like to see, here we go:

Graydon Tannas vs. someone... perhaps Valel? I'm not fightin' in Oct, movin my way down ;)

Marin vs. someone at 135-145.

James Scott (new guy) vs. someone else green as well.

Fack, those are great matchups! ;)


oh, and Grant Tennant vs. Jon Henderson

here are some of the match ups that i would like to have and see and will be working on to get for the show:

Chris Fontaine vs Jason Macdonald or Potvin or any good 185lbs as the main event

Aaron Tregear vs Curt Mckinnon

Horodecki vs Jon Henderson a rematch from their kickboxing fight

Jason St.Louis vs Jesse Bongfeldt

Justin Taverninni vs any good 145 and under fighter, maybe a remach of his wff fight with Shabaga( sorry if i spelled the name wrong)

Kevin Manderson vs a good 155lbs perhaps Gasson from team Tompkins

would like to get Chad Hamzeh's team out here

Jerin Valel, Grant Tennent, Alex Sung on the card

Jeff Sutherland vs Sonny Leong

John Yim vs Tim Tamaki

just some of the ideas i have in mind

i would prefer to keep our show strictly Canadian

Nice card!