Ultimate Fight Card

If you had to choose 5 fights for a main card what match ups would you choose. Fighters from any era, promotion etc but still within the divisions they have fought in how would you fill out your card and which fight would you give the main event. Phone Post

  1. Fedor vs Couture
    2. Anderson vs (Pride) Wand
    3. GSP vs Royce
    4. Rutten vs Severn
    5. Shogun vs Frank Shamrock

    It has changed a lot but I'm bored on a niteshift and I'm probably forgetting something so who you guys got. I think there are some interesting matches there.

    And I'd have them all under Pride rules. Phone Post

1) Brock Lesnar vs. Minowaman
2) Fedor vs. Minowaman
3) Anderson vs. Minowaman
4) Mighty Mouse vs. Minowaman
5) Minowaman vs. Minowaman

Last fight is the main event of course.