Ultimate Fighter Predictions

OK, I think it is time we make our predictions for the show for future bragging rights.....here are my picks:

Light Heavyweight - Forrest Griffin

Middleweight - Chris Leben


throwing arms in the air

Retro Response from Dougie.....I commend you on a job well done!


waves hands in the air

I would have elected Couture president of the USA if I was living there.

My predictions for the final two in each category:

Light Heavyweight - Forrest Griffin & Stephan Bonnar

Middleweight - Nate Quarry & Diego Sanchez

griffen and sanchez

Leben will make the final two in the MW category. That guy is one scary mofo.

LH - Forrest Griffen - SBG! SBG! SBG!

MW - Kenny Florian or Nathan Quarry (formally of SBG)

I agree with Alex, but I'll have to wait and see how the first episode runs.

forrest griffin

diego sanchez

MW=Quarry or Koscheck
LHW=Griffin or Bonnar

I don't know about the LHW division but if you check the Team Quest site, Leben is listed as a team member. Too bad to, as that guy seemed like an A$$ on last nights show.