Ultimate Submission Experience

Stidham's submission tourney is happening next Saturday. Check out the particulars at: www.ucombat.com

Brandon Ruiz (2nd in PanAmericans in Greco Roman, and a semi-finalist in the ADCC North Aerican Qualifier) is coming from Colorado Springs, Colorado to compete.

I would bet that there will be very few out-of-staters coming (Brandon has local ties -- 2X Utah State Wrestling champion) but the local talent that claims to be coming should make it a decent first sub-tourney for the state.

Any idea how many people are expected to be there?

I'm pretty stoked about it. I had four or five guys that were going to go compete with me, but as usual they are backing out one by one.

From what I've heard there are very few advanced division people applying at this point.

The matchup that is causing the most discussion is Justin Ellison VS Brandon Ruiz.

And they did meet in the finals of the absolute where Ruiz tapped Ellison with a guillotine in under 1-minute. You could hear Ellison, who rolled through everyone else, gurgling as his corner was screaming "He's going to burn himself out! He's getting tired!" And the Ironhorse just squeezed a little harder.

It was one hell of a day!

Where can we see all the results?

They aren't posted yet.

The Winners:

Flyweight Beginners: Chad Carter

Lightweight Beginners: Robert Aviles

Middleweight Beginners: Ben Walden

Lt. Heavyweight Beginners: Dennis Dagloria

Heavyweight Beginners: Zack Barlow

Super Heavyweight Beginners: Vaas Van Zyuerden

Flyweight Intermediate: David Bubel

Lightweight Intermediate: Mitch Coates

Middleweight Intermediate: Steve Sharp

Heavyweight Intermediate: Dave Seljestad

Lightweight Advanced: Richard Lundell

Middleweight Advanced: Sanford Robinson

Light Heavyweight Advanced: Anthony Lobato

Heavyweight Advanced: Justin Ellison

Super Heavyweight Advanced: Brandon Ruiz

Absolute Champion: Brandon Ruiz

85 total competitors showed up and it looked like we had a couple hundred specatators at one point.