Ultimate Wrestling - 1999 - *VIDEO

yeah, Tom is onthere getting clocked at about the 3:15 minute mark and then mounted...he got back to guard though and eventually armlocked the guy for the win.

the dude who is getting beaten so badly from mount...with his arm across his face,....
he literally was training for two weeks before that fight... I could (and I'm not bragging..) at the time as a new blue belt, could tap him out without my arms...just my legs.
That was how bad he was....he should NEVER have been in there.

But the two fat guys shouldn't either..the 16 year old kids... they just showed up beforehnd and were saying how they wanted to fight on the card.

That ended up being a pretty brutal show. You could hear my mouth running on the tape about the young guys. There were some dudes that didn't have enough skill to compete on Family Double Dare yet they were in there fighting.

Oh, a lot of heart though too. Usually you get a bunch of quick tappers in these types of shows but no one quit that night.

I ended up talking with Rich Franklin about his fight last year at the arnolds..we laughed at it.. cool guy.

"I lost this camcorder tape for a couple years but I recently came across it again. I think I told someone I would give them a copy at one point but I don't think I ever did :-( Sorry to whoever that was. "

That was me,I heard this from you,Kohler and Fulton and still never got a copy

Miller: Sorry about that. I rememder your email, and one day I went to make a copy of it and just could not find it. As soon as I saw the tape I remembered that I never got to make a copy (hence the post).

Actually, I was called and threatened that if I gave this footage to anyone I would be killed and my legs sold on eBay. j/k!