UMC Regina - Sept. 15

Just wondering who's going? How is the line up looking? I'll be there. Looking forward to it.

ttt for a line-up, I wanted to be there but I have a stag the same night.

I still haven't seen a fightcard, I know we have a few infight guys fighting some of Rodrigo's guys...

There may be a special guest referee though... I'll give you a hint, he is handsome and short. Weighs maybe 145 lbs. and has a really cool belt that he never gets to freakin wear. Which reminds me, if there is anyone that is certified under CMMAC and is interested in reffing this event, PLEASE email Jeff at you would be saving the lives of many cuz the above menioned handsome devil really does not want anything to do with reffing.


c'mon somebody PLEASE SAVE ME!!!

I could help... well.. except for that whole "certified under CMMAC" thing. LOL. Good luck and see you there.

man, i really wanted to head out and watch these fights, but there was no way I could get the time off work.

Please post the results when they are available