Unanswered blows to the head

can have devastating long term negative effects

LOL. What are you talking about YF.

Japanese fighters just have superior recuperative abilities which the referees are warned of before hand. Western fighers can only take a little punishment before a stoppage must be invoked.

Ouch !



Was he waiting for him to die????

for later

News alert: Herb Dean will referee all Sakuraba's future fights.

No offense Herb, your still my favorite ref.

Schei├če !

"Do people realize how utterly reckless that was? If Sak had died from that, which was the perfect circumstance for a fighter dying in the ring, then the entire MMA world would have paid the price."

No doubt, I'm not some obsessed fan, but I honestly would have felt very emotional about sak dying. To have one of the sports only 2 true legends die in battle would be a tragedy.

THat was shameful.

When a fighter is out of it the ref and his opponent have to drag him back into the ring for the restart, you'd think it would dawn on someone, like maybe, oh, the fucking referee himself, that this guy is in trouble and the fight should be stopped.

Also love how the ref made sure to stop Smirnovas three times from starting to hit Sak again, until Sak looked like he was a little more with it.

I hope Sak is not match up with a top fighter in the last few matches of his career. Smirnovas beat the shit out of him.

In the words of Larry Merchant "That ref should be pistol whipped!"

BTW, can you imagine what Manhoef would do to Sak if they fight? Scary thought.

"Soccer kicks should be illegal. Do you really want to see someone die in a sport ?"

The only time I've ever even seen anyone so much as KO'd by a soccer kick was Babalu/Kohler.

^ And that was quite the example.

"The only time I've ever even seen anyone so much as KO'd by a soccer kick was Babalu/Kohler."

They weren't soccer kicks, but Silva's stomping stoppage of Kondo was pretty damn brutal. He also stomped out some other Japanese fighter whose name escapes me right now.

I think that has to be one of the worst I've seen.

That is exactly the kind of thing we don't need in MMA, Saku could have gotten seriously fucked up for life from that.

I think YF's "wreckless" is a good term for that.

Holy fucking late stop