Underground Secret Santa...

I'm sure there will be some people that will dislike this idea, which is fine, but I was thinking it would be cool to set up an MMA.tv UG "Secret Santa".  We could do a $10 or $15 maximum low price and each person can send their gift to their secret UG friend.   

If you are interested, email me with your screen name and address.  Once I have everyone's name, I'll email you with whom you were chosen to be a Santa for.  Then you can get your cheap, but fun, gift sent off to your recipient. 

Once it's all done, I'll start a new thread and eveyone can post what they got and who sent what to who.  I think this is kind of a nice way to share the holiday spirit as well as to continue to build the friendships that are made here every day.

Let me know:  fullcontactfighter@verizon.net

The cut off day will be in four days to allow each person a chance to get the gift out by christmas.  I hope some people do this, it will be fun. 


Benjamin "The JET" Glossop

PS:  Just so you know, I'm the one picking the Santas for everyone, so obviously I can't pick for myself.  That means there is nothing in this for me but the fun in doing it.  So sign up and spread the fighting spirit.        

email sent :-)

Thank you.  I'm looking forward to seeing who all will sign up.  Thanks for being the first momita.


Remember people....nobody is donating the Fearless Goat this christmas as a present. Last year I ended up at some old lady's house. None of that BS this year. lol.

Sorry that you wont get me as a present this holidays Momita! lol.

Fearless Goat

kicks the dirt & hobbles away sadly

Damn it FG,

I was totally gonna give you away to someone.  Back to the drawing board I guess.

Mike Potato- please dont report me to the Feds bro. I love the older ladies on this forum. I am sure when you were 20 years old you felt the same way. My apologies :)

Fearless Goat

e-mail sent:)

I charge $10-$15 by the minute and that is all I am able to amount to, so it fit perfect for a gift for the holidays....JK!

Fearless Goat

*picks up from LawdyMama's post & runs with it*

**gets pen & paper out to do the math*

So you could do the whole shebang in 1 minute Fearless?

heh heh heh, sheesh...............................................


we need a good slut to pass out BJ's with a mask on.

thats a secret santa

Momita- What can I say? I am good and quick at the job. I get right to the point. They named a movie after me called Gone in 60 seconds, and a car wash named after me PDQ(Pretty Damn Quick). I only need a minute to get the job done where some men need hours...lol....

No i wont be the secret santa with BJs.

Fearless Goat

hopefully people know I am messing around here to keep the thread entertaining.

Fearless Goat

Sent my information Jet...how many people have sent thusfar?

Also how the heck did my name turn blue? How am I a bluenamer?

Fearless Goat

that doesnt explain how I got a blue name? What comes with a blue name? how do you get it? I just noticed it today. What happened?

Fearless Goat

changing topic from my $10-$15 a minute escapade

I hope I get partsguy I am going to send him a certificate for free
classes so we get him back on the mat!



I would prefer a gift cetificate for a new ankle;) I really do plan on coming back to class. I am just trying to get my ankle taken care of.

Justin- If i get your name I will send you some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu porn DVDs with some hot ass ladies....JK!

Fearless Goat