University of Washington judo

Anyone belong to or have any experience with the judo club at the University of Washington? I haven't been doing judo since my kids all lost interest (couldn't justify taking the time out if I was going alone). I may become a student at UW in the fall, so I'm thinking about doing some training there. Anyone have any insights about UW's judo club for an over-the-hill, almost-newbie whitebelt?


I think a person from UW posts here. I think his name is vejita sama.

I've worked out there and at Budokan for a while. Short answer: just do it. UW does not practice newbie torture, if that's what you're concerned about...

What club did you work out at before?

Dave Christianson

Although Dave does practice a healthy amount of Shin Hacking.....(wait a second, I do too).

I practiced at UW when I went there. It's fun, & pretty low key. A great way to get back into the sport.

Thanks for the info, Dave and Leroy. I did judo for about ten months at Emerald City Judo under Bob Wittauer. Great club, great sensei; wish I'd had more time to go to classes and to practice between classes. I don't see that Bob's offering the judo at the Kirkland Boys and Girls Club, so not sure if he's even available. In any case, I don't want to take the time to drive out to Kirkland without my kids, who lost interest despite my best efforts at encouragement and bribery. But if I'm in Seattle for classes anyway, I could maybe drop in once or twice a week to the UW club.

Leroy, we both know that nobody hacks like Seattle Dick.

Seattle Dick....destination Adventure....mmmm the memories......of my buised shins

Bob is still at the Kirkland B&G club, they practice on Monday & Friday's at 8pm. He loves it when people show up randomly.

Another option is always the Budokan. It's pretty much warmup + Randori there though, so if that's what you're looking for come on over.

As far as shin hacking goes, I'll take that as a compliment. However I would like to say that when the Dave Christianson Memorial Games is established, no extra points will be given for it (but shin pads will be illegal).