Uno vs Hansen?

After beating Javi Vasquez in a grappling match in Contenders on Sunday, Uno announced that he hopes to fight Hansen in Shooto at the end of the year.

If this fight comes through, how do you think it would fare?

Man--- I haven't considered that match-up yet.

On the surface, I say Hansen has the advantage because of his non-stop attack on he ground. I think both guys would have fits trying to sub the other...

Uno could milk a stand-up fight to score points. Hansen throws well standing, but is not real crisp or polished (neither is Uno really, but I think he does better than Hansen).

But this is just an off the cuff analysis.

It's extremely difficult to predict. Their styles match up well to make for an exciting fight.

Uno would likely be on top in Hansen's guard. Uno has a great top game and Hansen has a great bottom game. It would be interesting to see who'd win that battle.