Update on CityBoxing Tourney 3-13-

City Boxing presents&

The 2nd San Diego Submission Grappling and Smoker Challenge

We would like to invite you to the 1st San Diego Grappling and Smoker Challenge, featuring a no-gi submission grappling tournament and smoker bouts in both boxing and muay thai kickboxing.

The no-gi, submission grappling tournament will be round-robin style, meaning you will have a match against everyone in your division win, lose or draw. The tournament begins at 10 am. The muay thai kickboxing and boxing matches will start at 12 noon.

Date: Saturday, March 13th

Prizes: Medals will be given for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place finishers Free T-shirt to all competitors

Competitors: Men & Women $30 ($25 if you register before March 5th )

Spectators: $10

Registration: Call City Boxing at (619)233-5444 to register over the phone or have a form sent to you.

Weigh-ins: Saturday between 7am-10am.

Tournament Location:

City Boxing 1059 14th Street San Diego, CA 92101 Get directions at www.mapquest.com

Doors open at 6 am for competitors, coaches, volunteers and 10:30 to the public. Rules meeting will be at 9:30 am and the tournament will start at 10:30 am

2nd San Diego Submission Grappling and Smoker Challenge

Saturday, March 13th 2004 Legal Techniques: · All arm, shoulder and wrist locks · Any choke (except on windpipe) · Straight ankle locks (all levels) · All leg locks (intermediate and advanced only)

Illegal Techniques: · Striking of any kind · Eye gouging or fish hooking · Hair pulling · Small joint manipulation · No knees or elbows on the face

Points: · Mount 4 points · Back mount w/hooks 4 points · Passing guard 3 points · Knee on belly 2 points · Sweeps/reversals 2 points · Takedown (ends in guard) 2 points · Takedown (ends in side control) 4 points

Penalties: · Running from fight minus 1 point · Stalling minus 1 point (on 2nd warning) · You or your coach arguing with referee minus 1 point · Pulling guard in finals only minus 1 point

Winning by: · Submission · Points · Referee decision · Advantage (advantage determined by submission and takedown attempts, aggressiveness and control of position)

Time limits: · Beginners 5 minutes · Intermediate 6 minutes · Advanced 7 minutes

Divisions: · Beginner under 1 year · Intermediate 1 to 3 years · Advanced 3 or more years

Weight Classes: · Bantam 100 115 lbs. · Light Feather 116 130 lbs. · Feather 131 145 lbs. · Light 146 160 lbs. · Super Light 161 175 lbs. · Middle 176 190 lbs. · Light Heavy 191 205 lbs. · Heavy 206 220 lbs. · Super Heavy 221 and above

Download registration form at:


any problems downloading email me at rbsilva1@cox.net


No worries.  We at SD Fight Club were considering pushing our comp back a month anyway due to preparing Wade for the UFC.  You guys having an event on March 13th actually helps us because now people who wanted to compete in our comp still have a place in SD to go. 


Brian P.