Update on progress in Judo

So i've been pretty active at my local judo club (in addition to my normal BJJ training) for the last two months and wanted to give the forum my thoughts / progress.  i'm doing the classes with my son (almost 6 - so it is a bit of a family time thing), and it has been a fantastic experience.  Long post, but oh well!

  • Been doing BJJ for 17 years now - so i have a lot of experience in the Gi, but it is incredible how little I knew from standing.  I've been able to pick things up fairly quickly, but the first few classes were really humbling.  Trips are a big part of my muay thai game, so thought that they'd transition quickly to Judo, but they didn't mostly because of the vastly different gripping struture. i still don't have the right push/pull mechanics
  • The club i am at is fantastic, particularly for kids - a great group of people including a 94 year old guy who cannot hear or walk, but can still throw guys around a bit.  The first time that i saw him going for a throw he drove the kid through the mat - i thought that he was going to turn to dust.  Turns out that he'll only practice when the current club owner isn't around, because he's the only one who speaks up to him
  • Competition gripping rules are frustrating, but I like how they push the pace in training. I am used to the BJJ world of anything goes, but i like how this takes me out of my comfort zone
  • I landed my first big combo throw on a good black belt (he was a jr national champion) this weekend - osoto-gari to harai goshi.  The weight transfer finally sunk in and hit it at my bjj school this morning a few times
  • Speaking of that - it is amazing how 2 months of judo (done on average 1.2x per week at the club over 9 weeks) changes everything.  my normal training partners have the same bad habits that i used to have ... wow - the difference.
  • I am still leaving my lead leg out a lot, so open for trips/sweeps.  balance is off especially against really experienced guys so i am using a lot of energy to recover/avoid their second throw
  • My son loves it and wants to go all the time.  he's five so i try not to make a big deal about it, but it is the ONLY sport that he pays attention to for 90 minutes without fail.  He loves wrestling too, but the formality of the judo club keeps him in-line. perfect
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Great post.

Good post. I've doing bjj for about two years. I encourage a lot of the bjj guys to take up some Judo. I' ve noticed that most guys dont have good breakfalls they tend to rush thru them.

The most difficult thing for me is to break judo habits. I give my back easily and freak out when I'm caught on my back.

totally - my first class at the club helped with my falls.  simple stuff that makes a huge difference.  I've been helping the club with the bjj side of it, because on most of the times i lose balance i transition right to a submission and they weren't used to that, which surprised me.  not that judo is played in the same way, but the awareness helps.  particularly around armbars and clock chokes

Great thread. I just started myself. Only 2 classes in. Purple belt in bjj helps only during ground training. Standing- I don't know crap.... yet. Lol Phone Post 3.0

As you fight more experienced players the gripping becomes more important. Glad you enjoy the transition to judo.

Gripping can make a huge difference as you get more advanced.