Uppercut KO's in MMA?

I can't remember any uppercut KO's in MMA matches. Come
to think of it, I can't remember to many fighters throwing
uppercuts at all. Is this type of strike risky/ineffective or am I
forgetting some memorable shots?


Kharitonov KOed Ninja with one just the other week.

masvidal vs. bledsoe in afc

arlovski vs. vladdy in ufc

i have seen more but cant think of any off the top of my head. They are rare in mma though. The uppercut is a sophisticated punch and there arnt a ton of great boxers in mma.

Randy used them effectively in the first Belfort


well uppercuts are used primarily in inside boxing, with the clinch/takedown aspect of MMA, the situation doesnt often present itself.

I dont think it is from being lazy when in tight, its just that, if you are trying to work tight inside boxing, then more than likely you are leaving yourself wide open for a body lock. So, guys would rather get to a position they can defend a takedown from and still work knees and short shots.

henderson vs. renzo

arlovski vs cabbage

we work inside boxing hard just like we work wrestling, subs, boxing etc. But when we spar, and fight, usually the clinch happens in tight pretty fast. From there, we work takedowns, defense, and some knees and short shots (elbows, single punches).

When you break the clinch or right before you clinch is when you can get some good shots in using inside boxing techniques. One of my favorite things to do is shoulder check the chin in the clinch, then throw the opposite and uppercut, followed by a cutting hook. Combos like that, where you are breaking the clinch, and catching the guy with tight punches before he either breaks away out of range, or before he re-engages the clinch.

"Arlovski is showing the best boxing skills in MMA at this point."

disagree. amongst the heavy weights, Tra Telligman has shown the best boxing skills, especially when he fought Rizzo. Rizzo was getting badly damaged on the feet, which is why he started going for takedowns.

Rizzo has demonstrated the 2nd best boxing skills amongst heavyweights. which by the way, he knocked out Arlovski.

to be fair Vlad has to face stiffer striking competition than what is usually seen in MMA...

gobruins is correct for the most part.

Alovski I believe is a bit better since his rizzo fight. arlovski has showed the best hand combinations so far in major league mma. He also has awsome movement.

Telligman has shown the best slipping, counter punching in mainstream MMA IMO.

Rizzo has showed the most power in his straight punches in MMA.


Klitchko's style has always looked rough, its a European style, but it works well with his height. He leans back with his power hand so he can loop his body and the punch but when he lays back he is out of range of many boxers best shots hence its good for him. Arlosky is a more technical boxer in the western sense though to look at. Klitchko I think would destroy him in boxing, but in MMA Arl would win even if by sub.

I was gonna say Arlovski vs Vlad and that I think Rampage was throwing uppercuts against Chuck.

Arlovski dropped Ricco with one

Ken used them very effectively against Fujita

Arlovski vs. Vladdy.

Chuck KO'd mezger with an uppercut