Urantsetseg Munkhbat - Mongolian Ne Waza Master

-48K World #6. Amazing highlights.


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Munkhbat is one of the most well balanced with regard to having a strong tachi-waza and newaza game. It was amazing to see Bilodid beat her with sankaku at the last world championships considering how good Munkhbat is with that position.

We do a version of that tie-off, I firmly believe some people just "get" newaza more than others.

impressive! I am always fascinated at the quick transitions to newaz and explosion into submission. Many BJJ guys don't understand the level of athleticism combined with technique that is shown. 

Outkaster, What "tie off" are you referring to?  Watching many video's of the top IJF judokas training athleticism is a big part of their training.  Many gymnastic moves.  Quickness is essential to get your opponent in a disadvantage or play defensive.

The tie off is the hold down technique

What time in the video?

1:57 mark. She does a variation on it face down.  We usually use the skirt of the GI top.

That is very common in judo.  Insert the arm, pull up on the elbow and turn the opponent on their side. Sometimes use the figure four on the arm to turn the opponent on their side .  Then feed the jacket bottom into the hand to free up your other arm to turn the opponent on their back.  Important point:  Feed the belt to the hand palm facing down, much stronger than palm facing up. In the video she does palm facing up which works but is not as strong.

The palm up and palm down argument comes up at our club.  I can do either and instructors have their preference.  I have down this from  attacking their turrtle or done it when they are prone. It's really not easy to make happen. There is kind of a lot trainsition if you are doing it where  you end up on your side, that's how I learned it, right into an Ude.

Palm down makes it very tight on their wrist area, hurts alot. And you won't loose any tension in the hands.

Yeah I agree.  It's a tough move all around I think and tough to get.

If you can get the opponent on their side that is best position to attack.  Or you can attack from the back when they are in turtle by reaching under and grabbing one of their hands/wrists pulling it into you and moving around their head.  Or from side mount by figure fouring their far arm and going around their head to tuen them on their side.  Sometimes you can get it when they are in turtle and you are in front by lifting up on their elbow and inserting your arm in the space and feed the jacket bottom to lock the wrist and then turn them on their side.

On a side note I believe the pin she does at the 1:57 mark is no longer osaekomi. The new rules don't allow you to pin your opponent if you are facing away and your butt is in the air. 

That was always a legal pin when I competed.  In fact on of my favorite pins was sankaku and trapping the arm nearest to me and turn on my stomach so I am at right angles to the opponent.vs trying to choke with sankaku. Today, I am not aware if that changed. I will look for video to show this.


  I found it. MY favorite pin from sankaku. I hold the first position, don't switch.  I 

judoblackbelt - 


  I found it. MY favorite pin from sankaku. I hold the first position, don't switch.  I 

This is still legal. The 2020 IJF rules are a little confusing to me. First it shows a picture of what looks like the ‚Äúshiba‚ÄĚ lock that is often used by the Japanese and states that the move is not a valid osaekomi. On the next page it states you have to control at least one arm for the pin to be valid. For example, you can not just hold the person down in a headlock or by scissoring their head with your legs. So maybe that Munkhbat pin is still osaekomi as long as you have at least one arm trapped.

I still do the version in the video but I get the tie off after raising the arm up.  I still can get the sankaku on my side. You can can get an Ude from that position also.

In the video I would ave one arm trapped but my butt is not sticking up and my body is flat going for the pin.  A small point to tighten sankaku pull uke's far arm towards you to tighten the legs and sightly rotate your hips forward.

I think I know what you mean.