Uriah Hall calls Darren Till a 'punk-a** b*tch' who's avoided fighting him

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I almost forgot about Hall… a Hall/Til fight is interesting and I’d give it to Hall at this point

Yeah, Till, the guy that went to another country where he didn’t even know the language, to learn MMA, a guy who has shown he will fight anywhere, anytime, is scared of a 17-10 guy who looks like he doesn’t want to be in the cage most of the time.

Till might lose, but he ain’t scared.

Till was born and raised in Liverpool, England, where he would frequently get into altercations. He began training in Muay Thai at the age of 12, and after dropping out of school aged 14 to focus on the sport, he turned professional a year later and began training in MMA with Team Kaobon aged 17.[7] During his teenage years, Till would live in different places such as his gym and relatives’ houses after an incident he had with his mother, for which he got kicked out of the house.[8] In August 2012, Till was stabbed twice in the back after confronting a large group of men at a party. The knife missed his main artery by a millimetre and doctors said he was lucky to be alive.[9] Following the incident, his coach Colin Heron advised Till to move to Brazil to train with a former Team Kaobon coach to avoid troubles in his hometown.

Meanwhile, Hall started training because he was bullied.

Till loves to fight, Hall fights because he is good at it, but his heart isn’t in it.

C’mon Uriah, quit trying to talk gangsta, nobody is buying it.

Tbh I like Hill over Hall at this point

A battle of underperformers. I’d still watch for the small chance of one of them showing what they are actually capable of.

Hahah Till def isn’t scared. He is a bad matchup for Hall… It’s an easy win for him

Uriah, how would you like it if someone called you names. Tsk, tsk