Urijah Faber banged my mom (dream)

In this bad dream I had. I was a kid again. It was Christmas day. I could hear the beach boys playing in my parents' bedroom and went knocking on the door with no reply. I slowly opened the door and to my horror a dude was banging my mom with a Santa clause hat. His head spun around exorcist style and it was Faber and he gave the devil horn symbol and said "Surf's up son, I mean dude, son, dude..." Then he did an air guitar and kept ploughing away.

I sheepishly went to the Christmas tree and opened my lone Christmas present and it was a Urijah Faber jack in the box. Then I woke up in a cold sweat. It's weird that my mom in my dream wasn't really my mom but looked like Kittie from that 70s show. I looked like Topher Grace aka Eric too.

This dream has me shook up bros! Phone Post 3.0

oh poopyface

OP is a freak

Card -

Ben's facial expression is the exact expression Faber had! Very eerie, card! Phone Post 3.0