Urijah Faber eyes November return

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                                Urijah Faber eyes November return

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                    <p>Former WEC Featherweight Champion Urijah Faber talked to Larry Pepe of&nbsp;<a target="_blank" href="http://prommaradio.com/">Pro MMA Radio</a>&nbsp;about his future in the fight game.</p>

"I wanted to fight September 30 [at WEC 51]. I figured I only needed about a month off to recover. I don't really get out of shape. I don't ever remember being out of shape even as a kid. As long as I'm able-bodied I want to fight. I don't think they could put me on that card because it was just too filled up so I think November is what they're looking at for me now... When I had told them I wanted to fight in September, the plan was for Takeya Mizugaki to wait and fight me then. But now that it's probably gonna be November, I'm not sure if that's gonna be the match up. It'll be up to him and the WEC. Either way it doesn't matter for me... I think there's some superfights out there for me. Maybe Miguel Torres. Of course Mizugaki. Those are two fights I'm looking at. We'll just see what happens. I still have plans to go back up and fight at 145 lbs. There are a lot of different options for me. I would definitely fight Dominick Cruz again. There aren't many people that I don't like, but he just rubs me the wrong way. He was disrespectful when we first fought and I don't like the way he carries himself. I can't wait to see Joseph [Benavidez] beat him up."

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I figured they would have just had Jens Pulver cut to 135 and have Urijah fight him in a title eliminator.