Urijah w/ Hottie (new pics)

From Today's Howard Stern Show:




bluenamer help please

Man..that chick on the right had a baby or something? Stomach looks like it was stretched...

I'd still have sex with all of them, though.

Yeah, she's in her 40s.

WEC sponsered a "Hottest Regular Chick Contest."

These are "regular" chicks.

They must mean regular as in eating lots of fiber, because the girl on the left is not regular.

Did Urijah pick the winner? She's hot.

Woah Dianne needs some work on the midsection

Jennifer is smokin

and that may be the first dude I have ever seen named Amy


anyone know that blondes name?

ill take the asian, i like some fortune cookie :D

I'll take the tall brunette.

"Did Urijah pick the winner? She's hot."

No, he just presented the check on behalf of WEC.

after he presented the check?

did he kick the girl away from him?

The blonde may be rich, but she's not better looking than Jennifer.

another vote for the asian!

He's on Farell now live! howard 101

He's on Farell now live! howard 101

he is?

Yep. They're watching the show on Vs. and commenting on it. Pretty cool. Talking about Randy and Chuck right now.

Check out the ass on the blonde:


and the tall brunette's: