US arm wrestling champnships on TV

Anybody see the 2004 US Arm Wrestling Championships on ESPN2 yesterday?

Not sure what to think about the sport.  The only people in the crowd where the competitors and their spouses, it looked like it was being held in the back bar of a bowling alley.  And they award victories, from what I understand, if the competitors lose their grip, but one seems to be in control and close to pinning the others hand, then a victory is awarded to the guy who seemed to have control.  Why not just wrapped their grip from the beginning? 

Nothing like Syl Stallone's "Over The Top"-- very dissappointed.

I saw that dude get tooled by some old guy half his size. He's also better left handed than right handed isn't he?

I saw him on FoxSS and he got beat by a guy who looked like he was 50 years old. Props to the old guy, but this ass made such a spetacle of himself he then lost to a guy twice his age and half his size. I call that getting tooled. If that guy is 200lbs, then i'm 250.