USA Judo is putting on a Judo "Submission grappling" event

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It is essentially BJJ lol.

good first step. they could also bring in kosen rules.

Didn’t they just can the peruvian necktie?

Fucking lame.

People have been saying for years that Judokas should focus more on newaza [ground game].

Some schools do focus on newaza, we do. BJJ guys should work more on their throwing skills.

I’ve tried to get my former club to start teaching g no-gi judo and to send some judokas to bjj tourneys.

We used to emphasize news a but it would always end in the submission vs. osaekomi.

Osaekomi can be enough at times. The pins really freak out the bjj guys. Pressure!

True. Judo is always going to exist in it’s own world. I am convinced of that the more years I spend in it. It’s so Insular and it hurts the sport sometimes.