USAW Online coaches Certification

Hey Guys:

Has anyone ever done USA Wrestling's Online Coaches certification program? If so, how is it? I am a certified Judo coach and would also really like to be a certified wrestling coach for down the road when I open up my own school.

Thanks for any help you can give me,

anybody?, anybody?

ya watch the videos study the pamphlets and take the test + pass the background check.

is it difficult?

ttt for more info

What is your background? Have you ever wrestled?If you want it so you can open a school and teach wrestling then sure you can call yourself a bronze certified coach and market that.
I didn't learn technique or anything when I took it. Just some coaching/ training philosophies.The other levels are another deal. But, in all honesty... The system is a way to get money from coaches for USA Wrestling and a way to have a CYA if something ever goes wrong.
The course wont teach you wrestling techniques. It will teach you to be a coach and manage a team, fundraise, and help your team enjoy the experiences.