Usman vs Edwards 2 coming later this year

Who ya got in Usman vs Edwards 2?

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I’m looking forward to this. Not many seem to like Leon but he’s very sharp and has potential to be exciting with more output. I don’t remember the first fight at all.

He deserves the shot more than anyone else at WW.

Don’t think he has anything for Usman though.

Leon to me has looked good at everything but great at nothing. He hasnt fought anyone in the top 10 in his win streak.

Usman imo demolishes him

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Why does this account even exist? All this clown does is post the same thread that was posted 2 or 3 times the previous day.

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This fight isn’t gonna sell any tickets

Leon wins. Marty thinks he’s a striker now and it’ll cost him.

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The 170 and 185 belts are stuck in the new Silva/St Pierre era lol. Nobody gives a shit when the champ in either division fights, but everybody’s gonna watch.

Edwards has a puncher’s chance and Usman gets caught a lot so a sharp shot could get him but when you look at it I suspect Usman will take Edwards down and not play the game that Edwards wants.

Edwards has nothing in the ground game for Usman and I can’t see him stopping the take down so I suspect it’ll be a night like Woodley had.

However, if Usman decides to try and see what his stand up with Edwards is like then we may have a show.

Leon by Decision will have great odds

And Edwards could pull that off too.

He’s got hands, can get on his bike and avoid take downs, and can out point Usman.

Usman has to take Edwards down and grind him out imo.

For sure he can. This fight will be a lot closer than people think.

I think it will only be close if Usman gets cocky and thinks his hands are better than they are and stands to fight.

It might be a case of forgetting what brought you to the dance.

How’d their first fight go? I only know it was Usman by UD. Was it complete wrestling domination?

I’m not sure this fight can be compared to the previous one.

I’m going based on the idea that in the first recent fight with Masivdal. Usman couldn’t put him away and only did so int he second fight when Masivdal got cocky.

Colby is not a striking machine but has a huge output and showed that Usman can be hit,

I just hope Usman has not fallen in love with his hands and tries to stand with Edwards because if he does imo that’s Edwards best chance to take this.

Edwards will dance around Usman all night and pepper him and if he doesn’t take him out he’ll win by decision.

Usman had to make this a Woodley style fight and grind Edwards into paste.