UVM BJJ Open Tournament!

The University of Vermont is hosting an open tournament this year, in scenic Burlington on October 23rd, at the height of leaf peeping season!

First of all, i'm going to ask for your help. Phone numbers, emails, websites, etc. of new england, new york, and eastern canadian schools/competitors that would be interested, and of course, anyone from anywhere is welcome.

This will be a tournament great for both beginners and advanced bjjers. Tough competitors from Boston BJJ and Montreal's Gamma school, of course all of vermont's toughest, and many more local schools are garunteed.

here's the info if you are interested. Please help pass this along!

UVM Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open Tournament

DATE: Saturday, October 23, 2004

Weigh In . 8:30 am to 10:00 am

Tournament Location: UVM Gymnastics Room Patrick Gymnasium

Tournament Fees. $35 to compete, $5 for spectators and coaches

Match Length. 6 minutes or to submission / 15 point differential

Required Equipment. A clean, standard Jiu-Jitsu or Judo Gi (Kimono), Belt, Athletic cup and mouth guard. Knee pads and ear guards are optional. No shoes. No t-shirts except in womens division.

Decision of Winners. Winners will be decided by either submission, or by point accumulation. A point differential of 15 points or more will be declared as a win by superiority.

There will be 6 Mens Weight classes.
149 lbs and under
149.1 to 165
165.1 to 180
180.1 to 195
195.1 to 211
211.1 and up

There will be 3 Womens Weight classes
135 and under
135.1 to 160
160 and up

Double Elimination: If you win, you keep advancing in the regular division. If you lose at any time before the finals during your regular bracket, you will join the repechage bracket with a chance to fight for third. If you lose, in the repechage bracket you will be eliminated.

There will be 3 Skill Levels for Men:
White Belt (guide 0-18 months experience)
Blue Belt (guide 18 months to 36 months experience)
Purple and Above (guide 36 months and above)
Any lower rank can fight up, no higher rank may fight down (sandbagging).

There will be 2 Skill Level for Women:
White Belt (guide 0-18 months experience)
Blue Belt (guide 18 months and above)

The tournament organizers reserve the right to cancel or combine weight divisions or experience categories if there are not enough competitors

Awards Medals/Trophies will be awarded to the first three finishers in each division. The winner of each division will be entered into our raffle for great prizes from our sponsors including a HCK gi, SBGI seminar DVD, Catamount Seminar DVDs and much more.

Tournament Rules

Points (Positional points must be maintained for at least 3 (three) seconds to be awarded)
Initiated Throw /Take down - 2 Points
Sweep - 2 Points
Pass the guard to Side Control - 3 Points
Mount - 4 Points
Rear Mount, hooks in - 4 Points
Knee on Stomach - 2 Points.

Submissions Permitted · Arm Bar, · Sleeve Choke, · Rear Naked Choke, · Lapel Choke, · Guillotine Choke, · Triangle (arms or legs), · Shoulder Lock (Umoplata), · Wrist Lock, · Hammer Lock (Kimura), · Paintbrush (Americana), · Knee Bar - BLUE AND PURPLE DIVISIONS ONLY, · Achiles Lock - BLUE AND PURPLE DIVISIONS ONLY.


· Fingers to the throat or eyes, · Choking with the hands, · Small joint manipulation, · Pinching, · Attacking the Groin· Heel Hooks, · Neck Cranks, · Grabbing inside opponents sleeve or pant legs with more than one finger.

Prohibited Techniques 2 - Flagrant Fouls (SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION)

· Body Slam from the guard, · Striking, · Biting, · Hair pulling, · Arguing with the referee.

Please ask if you have any questions. I'll post up some directions to get to the school, and we are doing our best to get cheap hotel rooms for competitors. Hell, if you need a place to stay, i've got a couch.

This will be a fun and highly competitive tournament.



thanks adam. You have some students coming, yes?


This is going to be a grea tournament for the first time competitor as you are guaranteed two matches and our rules are to keep everyone super safe. We also will be having very competent referees from Mass BJJ and Tim Burril BJJ.

Not sure yet, Doug - but I'm working on it.  We had tentative plans to go see the UFC in person, but our plans fell through.  So, you might see a few of my crew there. :)

ttt for UVM BJJ




I've got commitments from three of my students.  I've get yet another small injury, but if it heals up in time I will probably compete, as well.


Nice! Thanks Adam! TTT


www.uvmbjj.com is back up.  Check it for tournament info!





Awesome tournament! Classy group, excellent refs, well run!

Very, very, very good tournament.  I hope it is but the first of many!!