Valentina Shevchenko vs Amanda Serrano

Valentina Shevchenko is too good. She actually is. She’s that good that she is too good, too good for the other women in her division. She has literally wrecked them, they are wrecked and Shevchenko at 33 years old is without a double the queen. At flyweight nobody can touch Valentina.

There comes a point where a champion becomes great. Valentina has reached that point defending her title six times so far. Where does she go from here? It seems like Valentina is very structured and might continue to fight at flyweight. The public however might get bored with that idea. At some point they will want to see her do something else besides defend her flyweight title especially as she continues to wreck the division. Leaving it in a dismal sad state the public and media will begin to bore at the sight of the queen Shevchenko constantly wrecking it more and more.

They will want to see her do something different. That talk has already started. Amanda Serrano vs Valentina Shevchenko is starting to become talked about. Amanda Serrano told Dana White that if he meets Jake Paul’s demands that she will fight Shevchenko. The thing is Dana White isn’t interested. Dana White is the best promoter in the world and he has Shevchenko. Dana White does take risks like he did with Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather. Would White be interested in pitching Shevchenko against Serrano? Time will tell.


Amanda Serrano vs Valentina Shevchenko would be fire. Valentina standing up is as good as it get’s and if you want to pick a martial artist to box you can not pick a better woman. Serrano has already stated she would box Shevchenko with MMA gloves. Who knows they can settle it in the BKFC or with traditional boxing gloves. There are many options these days. As far as Shevchenko vs Serrano who do you think is the superior striker overall and who has the better hands?

Paulie G

Valentina would murder her in every aspect of MMA.

I think it’s more likely Valentina would fight Nunez again on her way to a title shot at a higher weight. She could fight Pena, but I think the Nunez fight sells more until Juliana defends her belt. There is 0% chance she fights in BKFC. If it’s kickboxing I think she destroys Serrano, and Amanda only has an advantage in boxing.

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