Valentina Shevchenko vs Gabi Garcia

Valentina at 125 is without a doubt the greatest. Currently the champion and defending six times so far, Shevchenko is now on top of woman’s MMA. She is the queen and her division looks bleak. A trilogy fight with Nunes seems like a good idea, but in her division there seems to be no real challenge for the incredible “Bullet”.

Who would be a good challenge for Shevchenko? Nobody at flyweight that is for sure. Her career is going to become a slew of rematches if she continues to dominate the flyweight division.

Gabi Garcia is the female Brock Lesnar, big strong and athletic. A multiple time gold medalist in BJJ and a world class BJJ black belt.

Eventually it will get to the point where people become bored with seeing Shevchenko destroy women her size. There comes a point where the fans are going to want to see Valentina do the unthinkable. Beating Garcia is unimaginable being that the Bullet weighs 75lbs less and is 9 inches shorter.

Valentina Shevchenko vs Gabi Garcia would certainly turn heads. It would give Valentina the chance to do something extraordinary but it would also do something for women. The world has never seen a spectacle of this proportion including high level woman in combat sports. It would be the first time we’ve seen anything like this. Men have done it, why not give women the same level of respect? After all both women are world class and deserve the respect men have received over the years.