Vancouver Ticket Info

UFC 131: Lesnar vs. Dos Santos takes place at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver on Saturday, June 11. Tickets on sale next week:

Fight Club - Thursday, April 14 at 10 am
Newsletter - Friday, Apirl 15 at 10 am
Public - Saturday, April 16 at 10 am

Ticket prices are $650, $450, $325, $225, $135 and $85.

Brock Lesnar vs. Junior Dos Santos
Shane Carwin vs. Jon Olav Einemo
Donald Cerrone vs. Mac Danzig
Demain Maia vs. Mark Munoz
Kenny Florian vs. Diego Nunes

More fights to be announced.

How many Tix can you preorder if u are in the fight club? Thanks for the info!! Phone Post

 Good Card so far

O damn I already got my membership so I'm good for now. I will be going to the event too and hope to bring some friends. Phone Post

WatchinMMA - How many Tix can you preorder if u are in the fight club? Thanks for the info!! Phone Post

6 tickets

 I will be there!  That 10AM is pacific time, right?


Kirik if you don't mind a cheaper seat I would get u a free ticket lol Phone Post

Lol man u were doing great till that edit^^

Jk I will be with my girl and I was offering for anyone here I sorta know. Inf0, shoman, and Kirik cause he's helped me out q few times Phone Post



 Man, I hope I can get a ticket but not having a fight club membership I am skeptical.


its a joke last time 70 % of the tickets sold to scalpers and ruined the prices for everyone

Count me in

RJJH - I will be attending.

it's too bad that they waited 1 year and a week to put the tickets on sale.

all the people who bought club memberships for last years event have to buy it again.

fucking scumbags!!!

Same thing happened with my membership...Oh well. I'm going to suck it up to get it just so I can at least pick up some tickets.

Carweeny I will see u there! Phone Post

Shane plz do the autograph signing for fight club members! I wanna shake hands with the biggest mits in the UFC Phone Post

 I'll be there. 

Lame that I have to re-up my fight club membership

Fight Club tomorrow!!