Vanderlei will KO Nakamura in one

At about the two minute mark. A series of punches, followed by several knees to the face. Nakamura will drop, and the fight will be stopped. 100 % sure !

Way to go out on a limb, there.

I agree with Uncle Justice actually.Nakamura took Randleman down at will and handled him easy so his wrestling is good.I also see Wand winning though by TKO from playing soccer with Nakamura's head.

"Way to go out on a limb, there."

I don't mind his dry wit humor. And yes, it's not going out on a limb picking Silva by early KO.

Nakamura has a chance. He's improved alot, and he has given Lil Nog (my pick to win it all) a couple of good fights.

I still predict that Silva's psychotic glare and Muay Thai victory swirl dance will follow his KO of Nakamura.

i'd give nak a 75% chance of getting ko'd

I think Nakamura is way better than Yoshida at MMA, but I still think Silva wins this by TKO in the 2nd round.

Why is Silva coming in underweight? Look what happened to Couture when he decided to maintain 200 instead of dropping from 215 to 205 before the weighins

i'll go with wandy by brutal killing!

"Nakamura is better than Yoshida younger, stronger, and quicker."

True, but sooner or later Nakamura is going to get hit in the face. Now the real questions becomes does Nakamura have a granite chin like Yoshida's?