Vargas or Mosley

Ill take Sugar Shane in 10.

Mosely by decision.

Vargas by late round KO. Mosley looked like he was tiring in the last few rounds of that fight. Also, I thought the first fight was decent, I don't see why this would be a snoozefest.

first fight was awhile ago

Mosley is much more skilled than Vargas, but I think 154 lbs is not a good weight for Shane.

This fight has not been getting much press, imo.

Vargas used to be a great fighter. He now is washed up between injuries, confidence problems, and his glass jaw.


Sugar Shane by late KO.

People are underestimating Vargas. He was doing very well in the first fight until he literally grew a second head. I think it will be a close fight again, this time going to decision. Shane will probably eek it out by landing the cleaner shots throughout the night.

Mosley by anything he wants because he is the greatest!!!