Varner or Guillard?! Quick!

Melvin, me thinks. Not sure who I'm rooting for though...Varner's been winning me back. Phone Post

VARNER!!!!!!! Phone Post

Barber wipes Matt w Guilard Phone Post

Varner decision. :-o. Phone Post

Im thinking MGs antics at weighins could backfire.

*Varner.. Damn auto Phone Post

Varner always surprises me, and Guillard gets erratic and makes mistakes. I'm going with Varner, but wouldn't be surprised to see an early TKO by Melvin.

damn these brutal leg kicks might have me changing my pick.

Melvin fun to watch.... But hugely overrated Phone Post

Cung knocked my ace out - 
THE CACTUS KID - Im thinking MGs antics at weighins could backfire.

What'd he do? Phone Post

He shot Varner in this face with his hand

Varner up one Phone Post

Melvin Manhuef imo. Phone Post

Tied up? Phone Post

Varner up 2-0 ..Melvin landing good kicks put not letting his hands go

Varner Phone Post

Good fight, as expected. Phone Post

Varner deserves the nod imo. Great fight.

reverse piledriver

29-28 MG -Judges

Nutty decision! Phone Post