Varner or Guillard? WHO KO'S WHO?

Who you got?



Varner guillotine rd 1.

Varner via round 1 sub. I mean, he better use his wrestling and take it to the ground, because he would not be wise to stand with the Young Assassin.

Varner by some sort of finish. Phone Post

Varner easy.

Varner gets a sbu in the 1st. Guillard drops to 1-4 in his last 5 and that win being very unimpressive


Varner knocks him down and then gets a submission. Phone Post

Pretty competitive fight. If Varner doesn't get KO'd, he submits Melvin by round 2.


I think Varner probably has better hands and wrestling overall, and definitely has a better chin and grappling. Melvin has more power and speed.

Guillard went from over rated to very under rated. He takes this. Phone Post

Im going with Varner via KO. Phone Post

I think this fight comes down to who lands the money shot first. Either guy could do this, so I would never put money on this type of fight. I do think Varner has the better chance of winning the later the fight goes though.