Vegas odds makers

Hey dipshits... There's a reason they make millions to pick fights.

There's a reason Silva is favored in the next fight... RIP Wideman. Hope you stop your:

"Who has Silva fought?"

"I'll beat him again"

"I destroyed him and I'll do it again"

"I beat the best Silva"


You dead homie. Enjoy the next 6 months while you can. Serious Silva is back. Phone Post 3.0

Although I do agree that silva will win... The odds have nothing to do with it Phone Post 3.0

But wasn't Silva the favorite in the first fight as well? So they were wrong on that one. What makes you think it can't happen again? Phone Post 3.0

Serious Anderson has a cracked chin though.he might not be able to do what he was before. no fighter is ever the same after getting put to sleep.

Why do people still think the odds have anything to do with who the odds makers think will win?

It's only purpose is to get even money on both sides so the book automatically wins no matter the outcome. Phone Post 3.0