Velasquez to undergo surgery Thursday

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                                Velasquez to undergo surgery Thursday

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According to Ariel Helwani of, UFC heavyweight king Cain Velasquez will have his torn rotator cuff operated on Thursday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Velasquez’s trainer Javier Mendez said his protégé’s procedure will be performed by Dr. Steven Sanders. They are hopeful Velasquez can get back to training in three months, with the Mexican-American making his first title defense in August if things work out “perfectly.”

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Good luck cain! healthy recovery man

Wasn't that last fight in October?

Seems like a long time to wait for surgery with a torn rotator cuff, guess it doesn't matter with jds and lesnar fighting now anyways.

Looks this division is on ice for the year.

Man this just sucks. Shogun out a year practically, Cain out a year practically...

Just another reason why tournies are the way MMA should go and not titles and title defenses.

Most MMA titles are revolving doors (except George and Anderson) and this interim shit is LAME......

Back training 3 months after surgery? Seems awfully quick for that type of injury.