venum power kimono

hey guys,

any feedback on the venum power kimono? it looks pretty cool, but all the size charts are different at every website i've seen. does anyone have one? are they really preshrunk? any reviews will be helpful. thanks a lot.

Does it take batteries or something?

Saku12 - Does it take batteries or something?

it feeds off the souls of your fallen enemies

I have one. The 2.0 gi is slightly bigger than the original gi they put out. However I still think they run a bit small, or at least mine does. They will shrink a bit.

I ordered an A2. Now thinking I maybe should have ordered an A3. It's borderline being too small. I'm 5'8' 165lbs. The pants are definitely too small. No questions about that. Because of the pant size issue, I use my Keiko pants from my previous gi, and just wear the Venum kimono.